When it comes to the ambiance of a special event or corporate function Umbrella Ship Entertainment has the ability to understand a clients needs and can speak with both subtle gestures and grandiose spectacle.  

Every event is different and having an eye capable of understanding these different needs is imperative to the success of a moment.  Umbrella Ship Entertainment understands that every event is simply a multitude of moments that should fit together gracefully and charmingly.  Even a WoW moment of Spectacle must always include subtle grace and thoughtful conversation with the audience and guests.

Strolling entertainment is the social chemistry of a special event and our strolling characters and performers understand the importance of engaging the guests beyond just wearing a costume.  The costume must be an accomplice to the experience and the artist wearing the costume must speak with their eyes in a way that engages the audience and inspires the imagination.


Umbrella Ship Entertainment brings stilt walking to new heights with beautifully constructed costumes and mesmerizing technique.  Our stilt walkers not only walk, but actually dance and move nimbly as if they were floating on thin air. See why our stilt walkers are the best the industry has to offer and allow us to impress your guests with a fresh twist on a timeless art form.


Umbrella Ship Entertainment’s strolling characters are trained actors, dancers, and physical theater performers, their ability to interact and engage with the public encourages guests to be wrapped up into the playfulness of the moment and to let go of their inhibitions.  Strolling characters must transform from the inside out in order to breathe in the life of the character in which they are portraying.

Umbrella Ship Entertainment designs and fabricates their costumes in order to create unique and beautiful pieces.