Stage shows must captivate an audience and leave them in rapture, otherwise what is the point?  Umbrella Ship entertainment has directed and produced a multitude of stage shows for theaters and corporate events and knows the importance of keeping people engaged and in their seats waiting for the next moment with bated breath.   

As artists we must fill the stage with our presence and voice in a way that demands the viewer to be engaged as an accomplice in the moment of expression.  Whether the event calls for a Dance performance, a theatrical circus or cirque show, a musical production or avante garde display of the unknown Umbrella Ship Entertainment has the vision and experience to curate a unique and engaging stage show experience that will leave the audience wanting more while creating lasting memories.

The young Matador is a Physical comedy stage show that can be broken into multiple acts or performed as an hour long stage show. Enter into the world of a Matador in training who is torn between fulfilling his destiny and upholding his family name.  A laugh out loud comedy of errors and fortune.

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Parasoul is a high energy acrobatic circus adventure featuring high skilled circus performers and hilarious contemporary clowns.   Watch as Parasols are turned into moved set designs and circus artists perform aerial straps, rope, lyra, hand to hand, acrobatics, russian bar, dance and more.


A Theatrical Circus show based on the legends and stories of the coyote and other trickster animals. This show uses shadow, light and sound to create an amorphous and encompassing world that takes the audience on a journey into the stories and relationships between spirit and species. Coyote stories can be performed in a multitude of venues either as a stage show or pop up vignettes.  The show includes Dance, Aerial performance, juggling, partner acrobatics, hand to hand, fire performance, live music and ritual.